I Wrote a Book!

My first book, Leaders and Thinkers in American History: 15 Influential People You Should Know, is out! I wrote this book during the lockdown when I was feeling very unproductive and helpless. Writing from our 1-bedroom apartment without being able to escape to a library or a coffee shop was incredibly difficult, but researching the stories of these 15 people was therapeutic. Reading about how every day Americans used their talents and passions to create a better America reminded me how important it is to share these stories.

You can see the arduous, months-long process here in this vlog!

I’m so excited to release this book out into the world, and for students, teachers and parents to read about these 15 amazing people. I also wrote lesson plans that correspond with each chapter so that you can use the book in your History, English or Leadership classes! Keep the conversations going with these inspirational quote posters that will look great on your classroom walls!

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