taking stock {29}

Last year I was reading one of my favorite blogs, The Small Things Blog, and Kate wrote a post on her birthday, just reflecting on her life at the moment. I recently turned 29 and it has me feeling a little nostalgic and wanting to slow down and focus on what is happening around me. This is the last year of my twenties, and life feels like it is flying by. My actual birthday was pretty hectic, as I had just finished teaching summer school, I directed the Lion King Jr. the night before, my parents were visiting from Northern California and brought us some hand-me-down furniture, and my husband was working 14-hour days at a basketball tournament that he helps run every year. It was a fun but crazy day, and I am just now getting time to sit down and write and reflect. So here is a little life update as I kick off age 29…


making: some new YouTube videos about my teaching experiences

cooking: nothing, sadly! We have been subsisting on leftovers from when my parents were here, but I’m going to need to make a Trader Joe’s run soon!

drinking: a grande iced americano with vanilla syrup. every. single. day. It’s a problem.

reading: I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. (Keep an eye out for book review video!)

wanting: to find the perfect summer clutch

looking: at the stack of Lion King cards that I made for all the kids in my cast. I need to get those in the mail tomorrow!

playing: Duolingo. It’s just ridiculous how bad my Spanish still is after so many years of studying!

wasting: my life on Snapchat every five seconds

wishing: that there was more summer left than there actually is

enjoying: my first actual week of summer vacation. I’ve been sleeping in, taking walks, going shopping, catching up on movies, and sprucing up our apartment a little. It’s definitely enjoyable!

waiting: for my husband to have some time off with me! He helps run a super high level basketball tournament for two weeks every July. He loves it and he’s great at it, but he has to work 14 or 15 hour days, so I can’t wait until he gets to relax 🙂

liking: the message in the Pixar movie, Inside Out. Such a cute movie!

wondering: if I’m actually an introvert. These past few days of time to myself have been so good for my soul. Although, I felt compelled to share every other thought on Snapchat, so maybe I’m not…

loving: that my husband and I are both happy night owls

hoping: that I’ll get to meet Mariah Carey at her concert next week!

needing: to find a really good budgeting/ saving system

smelling: the bouquet my Lion King kiddos got for me

wearing: yoga pants and a tank top

noticing: that my nieces are changing and growing so quickly

knowing: that I make a difference in kids’ lives. and that feels great.

thinking: about auditioning for a theatre production next year

feeling: like I forgot to do something that was particularly important today

opening: such sweet birthday cards that have been trickling in since last week. I have the nicest friends and family!