hall pass


Hall passes really gross me out. I mean, half a dozen kids take them into the bathroom every day and who knows if the kids are setting them on toilets, dropping them on the floor, carrying them back to me without washing their hand, etc. So I never touch them.

I see kids walking down the hallway with really creative and funny hall pass objects. I tried to think of something funny, but I saw this little coffee mug warmer in the dollar section at Target and thought it would do. I strung a ribbon through the bottom and I hang it on my wall near the door. Students grab it on their way out the door and hang it back up when they return. If a student sees that the hall pass is not there, they won’t bother asking to leave the room since only one student can leave the room at a time.

My sixth graders came to me from elementary school extremely well-trained. They have been teaching ME classroom management tips and tricks! I will have do another post about all the great elementary school strategies they’ve been bringing to me. Another reason I just love my little sixth graders!

What do you use for a hall pass?