My Favorite Subscription Box

I love subscription boxes. I’ve tried out so many fun services: Ipsy, Birchbox, Julep, Boxycharm, Olia, Fabletics, Wantable, and maybe even a few others I’m forgetting. I love the concept because it feels like you are getting a gift in the mail every month, even though it’s from yourself!

Causebox follows the same model, but it’s different in such an important way. All of the products in Causeboxes are curated from leading socially conscious brands. The products are fair trade, handmade, eco-friendly, sustainable, and they are providing jobs to people around the world who need them. As the consumer, you receive a mix of beauty, lifestyle, accessories, and home items that were made with care.  One of my favorite aspects of the box is that I also get to learn about companies and products that are empowering women, and making a difference in the world.


Causeboxes arrive seasonally (about every three months). For me this timing is perfect. Sometimes with monthly subscriptions I haven’t had enough time to try out the products from one box before another one arrives. I also love that each box is curated for the season, and you receive products that will be useful right away.

On my journey in becoming a conscious consumer, Causebox has been incredibly helpful. I’ve learned about so many new brands and products that are truly fantastic in quality, and also in their mission.

If you want a sneak peak of what was in my Fall Causebox check out my latest unboxing video on my channel.

january 2015 birchbox unboxing

I don’t know about you, but I love mail, and I love trying out new beauty products.  When I read about Birchbox on a few blogs about a year ago, I decided I just had to try it.  It’s $10 a month and I receive five or six samples of high end products that I might not have found out about on my own.  By posting reviews or buying full-size products on the website, I earn points that I can use toward full-size products.  (I got my favorite Miss Jessie’s Quick Curl creme for half of what I would pay at Target by using my points the other day!)  Here is my review of my January Birchbox.

teacher stuff haul

teacher haul

I realized that I say, “So I’m excited about that…” after every item, but I really am excited!  What new items are you taking with you back to school after the break?

baby hugg-a-planet

girl online by zoe sugg

joyeux noel

ikea sticky notes

ikea wrapping paper

similar ikea glasses

the limited sweaters

similar olivia + joy wristlet

brush with greatness alittleaboutalot brush set

january beauty haul

I’m stocking up on beauty and skin care supplies before we go back to school and all the fun ends!  Here is what I picked up:

beauty society true salvation

beauty society our little secret 

beauty society redemption shampoo & conditioner 

bath & body works endless weekend

bath & body works beautiful day body butter

bath & body works sleep aromatherapy

suki exfoliate foaming cleanser

so fresh so clean makeup remover 

neutrogena rainbath shower gel

the body shop tea tree set

december favorites

dec faves

Just a few things that I have been enjoying this month.  (Not listed below: being on Christmas break!)

sole society booties

naked flushed palette 

bare minerals lip gloss

victoria’s secret heavenly scent

body shop almond body butter

zhena’s gypsy tea

lioness arising 

my 1st youtube video!

I am absolutely obsessed with YouTube.  I love makeup tutorials, monthly favorites, Get Ready With Me videos (even Get UN-Ready With Me videos), room tours, tags, unboxings, hauls, all of it.  I waste way too much time watching my favorite YouTubers.  So naturally, since this week is finals week and I have two 25-page papers to write, a presentation, and a final (plus I had to write all my STUDENTS’ finals), I thought it would be a great idea to start a YouTube channel at midnight on a Tuesday.

I figured out the basics of my husband’s video camera that he uses to tape his teams’ basketball games, I messed around with iMovie a little and, of course, watched a few YouTube videos about making YouTube videos.  Teenage girls have the best tips.

Then I gathered some of my trash and made an Empties videos (I love those too!).  So here you go, please enjoy the fruits of my EXTREME finals week procrastination.

teacher survival kit


I am in my room from about 7:30am to 4:30pm every day, so I have to make sure I have some basics on hand to keep me feeling, smelling, and looking good. I picked up this cute plastic box from Target and filled it with a few essentials…

-ibuprofen (it’s no fun to try and teach with a headache!)
-deodorant (it’s been almost 100 degrees outside lately, so I definitely need this!)
-mouthwash (I bring a lot of leftovers for lunch!)
-bobby pins (sometimes my bangs drive me nuts by the end of the day)
-panty liners (it would be terrible not to have one when you needed one)
-tampons (obviously)
-bronzer (to help control shine and add a little color to my face)
-nail kit (for toenails or fingernails)
-mint chapstick (it makes my lips feel nice and fresh)
-Tums (you can’t teach with a tummy ache!)
-makeup brush (for the bronzer)
-hair brush (after lunch sometimes it hangs a little flat)
-Cottonelle wipes (I just much prefer these to regular TP)

What else do you always keep in your classroom?