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History teachers! Join us for a day of learning and connection centered around teaching history thoughtfully, thoroughly and with bravery. Four passionate, experienced history educators will share research-based strategies as well as personal stories about successes in their classrooms. We can’t wait to connect with high school, middle school, upper elementary and future teachers!

Saturday June 17

8:00am-2:00pm PST

Opening Session: Q&A Panel with questions directly from you!

Research Session: Dr. Tiffany Marlow

Middle School Session: Megan Forbes

High School Session: Lauren Piraro

Closing Session: Alejandro Johnson

Collaboration Workrooms: Share YOUR ideas and best practices with other attendees who teach your content


Featured Speakers:

Megan DuVarney Forbes, middle school history teacher and author

Tiffany Marlow, history teacher and doctoral candidate

Lauren Piraro, high school history teacher, adjunct professor, and 2021 CCSS Rookie Teacher of the Year

Alejandro Johnson, high school history teacher



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