August 2023 Brave History Conference Materials


Full sessions and materials from:

Megan DuVarney Forbes: The Declaration of Independence Through Anomalies

Erin Green: Empowering Narratives

Lauren Piraro: Thematic Teaching

Alejandro Johnson: EL Strategies for Social Studies


Join our Back to School Brave History Conference with 4 session and 4 sets of materials from passionate history educators!

Megan DuVarney Forbes presents on the history of the Declaration of Independence through anomalies like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Martin Luther King Jr., and Rothschild Francis. This session is relevant for both middle and high school US History teachers, as well as high school World History teachers. A ready-to-teach document analysis lesson is included.

Erin Green, a PhD candidate and frequent contributor to Rethinking Schools, presents on framing of social movements as the work of many people, and not just one. She uses picture books as a lens to illustrate her examples, and provides lesson plans that teachers can use with elementary students, or even adapt and use with students up through high school.

Lauren Piraro tackles the planning and execution of thematic teaching. She provides detailed examples and a walk-through of how she planned her entire year curriculum across the course of several years. This session is especially relevant to high school teachers, but the template and advice she provides can be applied to middle school as well.

Alejandro Johnson is back with strategies for English Learners in history classrooms. He provides concrete examples of how to use word walls to make your curriculum come alive, as well as his signature community-building activities.

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