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  1. Hi! I’ll be directing my students in a play this Spring. Just a few questions lol: 1. How many hours did you practice a day? 2. How did you handle the craziness of everyone? 3. Did you do it on a weekend?


    • How fun! Which play are you going to do?

      We rehearsed from 1:00-5:00 Monday through Friday for 5 weeks during the summer. We had a couple of days off during that time, and it honestly felt like a miracle that we pulled it off so quickly!

      I was always very strict about the fact that the only way we can put on a play is as a TEAM. If anyone is goofing off, or doesn’t know their lines, or doesn’t show up, it hurts everyone else. So I used a lot of guilt to keep people in line, haha. There was also one day where I almost lost my mind and I got up on the stage and yelled at everyone for about 10 minutes straight about how if you weren’t here to WORK, you could just go home now, lol. A day like that is inevitable!

      There will be moments where you wish you’d never gotten yourself into this, but once you see them perform and come together as a team, you will hardly be able to contain your tears of joy and pride! Good luck! 🙂

      • We are doing the Wizard of Oz!! 🙂 It will be our second play and we are so excited. How did you get them to remember their lines? I had a hard time last year with the kids memorizing their lines.

        And I just want to say your videos and blogs are super helpful! I teach 6th grade (multiple subject) and you are such an inspiration. And I appreciate your online support. You, as well as a few other teachers, have inspired me to do a blog/videos to help others as well. God bless! 🙂

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