my 1st youtube video!

I am absolutely obsessed with YouTube.  I love makeup tutorials, monthly favorites, Get Ready With Me videos (even Get UN-Ready With Me videos), room tours, tags, unboxings, hauls, all of it.  I waste way too much time watching my favorite YouTubers.  So naturally, since this week is finals week and I have two 25-page papers to write, a presentation, and a final (plus I had to write all my STUDENTS’ finals), I thought it would be a great idea to start a YouTube channel at midnight on a Tuesday.

I figured out the basics of my husband’s video camera that he uses to tape his teams’ basketball games, I messed around with iMovie a little and, of course, watched a few YouTube videos about making YouTube videos.  Teenage girls have the best tips.

Then I gathered some of my trash and made an Empties videos (I love those too!).  So here you go, please enjoy the fruits of my EXTREME finals week procrastination.

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